We are consultants specialized in Real Estate investments.


After a lot of thinking you have finally decided to invest in Spain

You want to buy that vacation home or the place of a deserved retirement under the sun. Or you have simply decided to take advantage of an opportunity to obtain high returns for your money by obtaining a rent that pays for the mortgage and allows you to take advantage of a Real Estate market in full expantion with prices below its market value after the crisis.
In any case, the next step is to decide how to do it an a country where you do not know the laws, taxes and expenses associated with this type of investment.
We can help you to take that next step.
We are consultants specialized in Real Estate investments for both private investors and companies, both residential and commercial.
We are proud to say that, for the trust we offer and the end-to-end service we provide (legal, financial and tax advise), our clients repeat with us and recommend us to their friends, family and clients.
We hope to help you too!

What we do

Consulting Services

Legal and financial advice (Conveyancing)

We are experienced lawyers and financial advisers that can assist you in your investment in Spain.

Mortgage Financing

We have a long experience in banking in Spain and internationally. Specially dealing with non resident We have special agreements with most of the banks in Spain what allow us to offer you the best conditions you can get as a non resident in Spain.


When buying a property in Spain, eventhough you are not going to reside in it, you need an Identification Number exclusively for Tax Purposes. That is NIE (foreigner identification number).

Visas and Immigration

Immigration to Spain can be achieved through various visa options, we can help you to get all of them.

Money laundering compliance

Sometimes, depending on your country of residence, it can be quite complicated to open an account in a bank in Spain and to pass the Anti Money Laundering checks.

Accounting and tax compliance

If you decide to work in Spain or set up a company we also provide legal and tax advice

Simon Turner - Private Client

What can we do for you?

We help you to accomplish your RE investment in Spain