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Investemt Analysis: there are numerous fees payable when buying a property in Spain (Transfer tax, Value added tax, Legal document tax for mortgages, Council tax, Notary’s fees, Legal fees, Deed registration fee, Appraisal fee, Selling agent’s fees, Utility fees…) Most taxes are paid by the buyer, therefore, a clear understanding and quantification of these costs before-hand would help you to take the best decision.

Legal Services: Conveyancing services (Initial Service) covers everything up to the signed pre-agreement, including the necessary property checks and assistance with the initial agreement (Contrato de Arras).

Completion: Checking the deeds, adjusting it according to the instructions of the parties, pursuing the best interests of the client. We assist you at the Notary and ensure everything is correct and all the terms and conditions previously agreed with the seller and the bank are correctly stated in the deeds.

Power of Attorney (POA): if you are not able to come to Spain for closure, we can act on your behalf.

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