Visas and Immigration

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Find out if you need a visa or permit to visit, live, work, or study in Spain


Congratulations!!! You finally have a property in Spain…but, are you allowed to reside in the country? We do offer immigration services to help you to live and work in Spain if that is what you need.

There are different types of visa:

  • Visas and Immigration: This service follows Spain’s new law, approved in September of 2013. This law grants fast-track residency permit and the right to work to those who buy a property over 500,000€. FAQ
  • Digital Nomad visa: If you work remotely for a Company or an employer (or self-employed) located outside Spain, and using exclusively computer telematics and telecommunication media and systems you are entitle to get this type of visa.
  • Wealth visa: for the individual who wants to immigrate to Spain and has sufficient funds to live in Spain without working. 
  • Work visa: There are many types of work visa such as Work as an Employee (Highly-skilled) or Self-employed and Freelance Workers…we can help you with all of them.
  • Corporate visa: helps established companies relocate employees to Spain.
  • Student’s visa: We help you to live in Spain if you or your children want to study here.

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